Dwight Anthony Spencer

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Founder: CompuTEK Industries, Da Planet Security, CO2600, North DFW 2600 Co-Founder: TheLabs.MS, Zero1 Nation Hackerspace

Specialties: Service Delivery, Team Leadership, Cloud based infrastructure, High Availability Architecture design, and Application Security.

As Multi-faceted, talented, intelligent IT Professional with 15+ years of experience supporting clients with technical experience in product life-cycle, project management, and system deployment in a multi-system environment. Combining strong technical acumen with business and project management experience, my efforts have delivered numerous Business Intelligence Dashboards, Scalable Mobile Applications, and Service Level Agreements that provide performance transparency and improve decision making.

Current Certificates in the pipeline: ITIL v3, CISSP and Six Sigma Green Belt Certification.

Corporate Experience

Feb 2015 (Present) Senior DevOps/Production Operations for TechnologySpa (Dallas, TX. USA).

Advised board members on Industry best practices. Lead the discovery, architecture planning, and development phases for cross platform and cross hosting environment orchestration system. Acquired business relations with key third-party solution venders. Designed and developed a full featured Platform-as-a-Service solution for DevOps based clients. Designed and implemented modern APM and SIEM solution to replace post lifecycle Hostmonitor monitoring infrastructure with Statsd/Graphite, Logentries, Pingdom, NewRelic, and Pagerduty. Key figure in development and deployment of scalable ITIL based Central management solutions for clients. Lead generation and sales engineering for a managed DevOps service provider

Jan 2014 (5 months contract) Interim Chief Technology Officer for TheLab Makerspace (Dallas, TX. USA).

Maintain and provide usable workshop area for members. Ensure safe day-to-day operations of business and establish/document best practices. Enable limited-mobility access to workshop. Inspect and report on status of safety devices.

Maintain networks and server co-location environment. Facilitate Telecom systems for membership and co-working. Work alongside Networking Committee to provide tools and solutions for technology needs of business and membership. Update integrated security and access systems as-needed.

Communicate and work with third-party entities to complete construction projects and repairs to facility. Allocate and assign floor-space for large projects and static workshop elements

Oct 2013 - Aug 2014 Sr. Linux Engineer, II for Firehost, Inc. (Dallas, TX. USA).

Provided service delivery for customers in a secured PCI compliant cloud hosted environment with responsibilities in managing Cisco routers, implementing infrastructure design with customer. Designing and implementing SIEM solutions on customer footprints. Analysing customer traffic to provide capacity planning and intrusion detection. Analysing customer server configuration for solution development. Managed edge and web application firewalls based on customer needs.

Preforming restorations and backups of full system images over dell compellent storage arrays. Provisioned both Windows Server 2012 and Linux virtual machines within clustered vmware environments. Managed environments though both salt and puppet.

Worked along with the security team to develop system hardening documentation and procedures for virtual machine level security while building synergy between SOC and TAC teams.

Before my leaving I provided DBA solutions for customers though the DBA on demand offering and was in consideration for the front-end security team.

Feb 2013 - Aug 2013 Linux Engineer, I for HostGator (Austin, TX, USA)

Provided Service Delivery for over 9 Million domains with responsibilities in the installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting popular e-commerce and Content Management Systems, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Prestashop, etc.

Dealt with importing, exporting, and making manual manipulations to MySQL databases.

Preformed scanning, verification, and risk analysis for Linux-based MTA Proxy mail servers designed for Anti-Mail Abuse Management (Spam, Virus, Content, and Phishing).

Preformed scanning, verification, and restoration of compromised web applications.

Designed and executed complex tests for system acceptance and verification of a distributed computer product involving a diverse set of Open Source and Proprietary components.

Wrote documentation, procedures, test plans, and test cases.

Executed test plans and test cases. Filed Bug Reports (software defects) following industry-standard practices.

Mar 2011 (2 months contract) Computer Tech Support Analyst I with Lockheed Martin (Colorado Springs, Co, USA)

Preformed on-site and on-call customer support for IT services. Doing my contract I was responsible for the Migration from standalone Windows XP systems to a network storage based platform on Windows 7 environments. This included the provision and installation of Dell laptops and desktops for clients, decommission of old assets, transportation of assets between sites and data centers. I also developed remote migration software and procedures that worked faster than the licenced Microsoft tools which finished the contract four months ahead of schedule.

May 2003 - Jan 2013 Visionary Founder for CompuTEK Industries

Responsible for providing a portfolio of Web development, IT, software, and technology services that meet the needs of clients. Also in charge of ensuring that the delivery of advanced technologies and solutions is done with a professional, honest, and personalised service approach.

Selected Open Source Contributions

Information Security News

Author of North DFW 2600 Group Blog where we discuss technology and InfoSec news from around the world and focus on Dallas, TX related issues.


My daily operating system: I blog about it sometimes. Other times I'm maintaining packages for BlackArch and Kali Linux.

Commission Junction

A rails gem for accessing the Commission Junction SOAP API: I contribute on github


I Collaborate with the Honeypot project, OWASP, US-CERT, and other open source infosec projects to provide anti-malware definitions and spam detection rulesets.

Skills and Experience

Category Skill Skill Level
Consulting IT Services, Dev Ops Expert
Systems Analyst, Architect, Security Expert
Languages(Read, Spoken, Written) English Expert
Languages(Read, Spoken, Written) German, Spanish, Japanese Beginner
Automation Puppet, Ansible, Salt Above Intermediate
Virtualization KVM/Libvirt, Docker/LXC, VmWare, Virtual box Expert
Languages(Scripted) Ruby, Bash, Perl, Awk, BASIC, Power Script Expert
Languages(Web) HTML(3, 4, 5), CSS(1,2,3), JavaScript, jQuery, PHP Above Intermediate
Languages(Compiled) C++, ASM86, ANSI-C, Lua, Java Expert
Languages(Other) UML, XML, XSL, SQL Intermediate
Programming tools Vim, CMake, GNU toolchain, Git, Mercurial, SVN Expert
Security Technologies Metasploit Security Auditor, Nexpose, OSSEC, SSH, SSL, Digital Certificates, Anti-Virus Tools (Norton, Symantec, Ghost, etc.) Intermediate
Monitoring Splunk, Spiceworks, SNMP, Nagios, Sciencelogic Expert
Networking Cisco ASA, Baracuda (Firewalls, and Load Ballencers), LAN, WAN Intermediate
Server Software Apache, Ningx, MySQL, Sendmail/Exim/Postfix, Bind9 Expert
Operating Systems Linux (Redhat, Debian and source based) Expert
Operating Systems Windows NT (All), Windows Server, Mac OS X (10.3, 10.4, 10.9) Above Intermedite
Operating Systems Unix (FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Plan9) Intermediate



ISOC Member

IEEE Member

InfraGard Member


Bloggers Choice Awards 2008 and 2009 Nominee for Best Blog of All Time


2010-2013 Bachelors of Science in Business and Web Development at Univ. of Phoenix

2003-2005 Bachelors of Science in Computer Science at Colorado Techical University

Activities and Interests

Hobbies I enjoy being a part of the maker movement and developing creative solutions for everyday problems. Current areas of interest involve DIY drones, SDR, and geo caching.

Sports Free Running, Cycling, Kendo.

Activities As the co-founder of the zero1nation hackerspace and the North DFW 2600 User Group I help promote a community of ethical hardware hacking and open source development for Teens, Young adults, and Youths at heart.

Projects Currently I am authoring a book and related Def Con presentation on Internet of Things Security.

dspencer@computekindustries.com - +01 512 920 8169 - 3800 Pebble Creek Ct., Plano, TX, 75023, USA